Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Product description:

Installing a carbon monoxide alarm could save your life.

Carbon Monoxide is a highly poisonous gas. It is produced by any fossil fuel when burned such as heating oil, natural gas, coal, turf, wood, gasoline, propane, charcoal & paper. Commonly referred to as the silent killer, it cannot be seen, smelt, tasted or felt, yet at high concentrations, it can kill without warning, sometimes in minutes.

Short-term exposure generally leaves no lasting damage but continuous low level exposure can lead to serious long term illness. Symptoms are often misdiagnosed as flu with headache, dizziness & nausea most common.

Ensure your fuel-burning appliances are properly installed, operated safely and serviced anually. Keeping vents and flues open in your home will help to ensure good ventilation. Installing an audible CO alarm is also recommended. If your alarm rings, get out of the building leaving the doors open and call for help.

Carbon Monoxide can be present in buildings where there is an oil burner/stove, solid fuel fire/stove or gas heater/cooker and it is recommended that a CO alarm be fitted in each room that contains one of these appliances, usually high on a wall above a door. It is also advisable to fit an alarm at ‘head height’ where the light indicators can be seen in a room where the occupants would spend a lot of time e.g. sitting room / bedroom, even if there is no appliance in that room. Our battery powered audible Carbon Monoxide Alarms are Irish-made by EI Electronics in Shannon, Co. Clare and certified to BS EN50291-2:2010.

Product Features:
  • Powered for life Lithium battery
  • End of life indication
  • Easy to use large Test button
  • Memory feature
  • Power, alarm and fault indicator lights
  • BS EN 50291-1:2010 & BS EN 50291-2:2010
  • 5 Year guarantee
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