Cosyhome Heating - deliveries

Enquire about our ‘Never Go Cold’ option to help you stay Cosy !
We offer a unique savings plan which allows you to budget for your oil bills. By making regular payments, you stay cosy with regular oil tank top ups.
Order by Phone, Text or Online, pay by cash or debit card.
Oftec Trained Boiler Service Technician
Boiler Efficiency Testing
Do you need your oil tank replaced due to wear/damage?

We can supply a new tank, empty the old one, disconnect and replace it, re-fill with oil, bleed the boiler, AND I will take away the damaged tank . . . all in the same day with a minimum of fuss!
Oil Tank Locks & Gauges Supplied and Fitted.


Delivery Policy

Within 48 hours of placing the order the oil will be delivered. We’ll be in contact with you within 12 hours to confirm estimated time of delivery. Click here to Order Online Now!


People are free to cancel until order has been confirmed. When an order is paid by card the value of the order will be deducted from the card. In the event the amount delivered is less than the amount ordered that same card will be refunded the difference.

Your Data

There are 2 sets of data used by our ordering system.

1. Your personal information (name, address, phone number, email, etc). This data we collect and store on our secure server hosted by our ISP. It has been entered by you onto our system for the purposes of ordering from our site. We do not pass this information onto any third parties but may use it to let you know of special offers we are running.

2. Your Payment Details (e.g. card number, expiry date, etc). This information is collected by our Payment Service Provider Processing partner. They are a leading Irish company who deal with many of the main Irish banks. They have been approved by our own bank to provide this service

Your transaction

As part of the process of ordering you are requested to enter your card details. Just prior to this happening you are transferred to a Secure site which encrypts the data being transmitted. Once connected to the secure site using an encrypted channel you will be asked to enter your details. These details are retained by the the Payment Service Provider as part of the payment process and transaction logging.